Chief guest for India’s 74th Republic Day parade


In this article, we’ll talk about the chief guest for the 74th Republic Day in India on 26th January this year. Incidentally, the grand celebrations will take place at the reputed Central Vista avenue where we expect lots of crowds to gather on Republic day. As many as 32,000 tickets are available for the public on this occasion and one will be able to get hold of these tickets online. It is the first time that the government of India is going to distribute the tickets online to the general public. Here, we like to mention that the president of Egypt named Abdel Fattah al-Sisi will be the chief guest on this special occasion on India’s Republic day.

120-member Egyptian contingent

Apart from the honorable president of Egypt, a 120-member military contingent from this country will also take part in the celebrations. Incidentally, it is the first time that any president from Egypt is coming to India as the chief guest for Republic day. Furthermore, it will be the first time that the celebrations will be held at this ceremonial Boulevard after the renaming of Rajpath.

Previous history of chief guests on the Republic day

It is a fact that the political leaders of the friendly nations of India have come to this country as the chief guest for Republic day since the year 1950. At that time, the first chief guest had been the president of Indonesia whose name was Sukarno. This time, the Hon. Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi has invited the president of Egypt formally on October 16 with the help of the External Affairs Minister. However, we like to mention that no chief guest came to India for Republic day in the years 1952, 1953, as well as 1966. 

Although the Prime Minister of England namely Boris Johnson got the invitation to be the chief guest for the Republic day in the year 2021, he did not end up coming to India in the long run. Last year, the leaders of the five Central Asian republics received an invitation from the Indian prime minister to come to this country as the chief guest. However, it did not take place because of the ongoing pandemic situation.

Other important information

Here, we like to mention that the live telecast of the 74th Republic day of India will commence from 9:30 AM onwards right from the Kartavya Path. The president of India namely Droupadi Murmu will be responsible for hoisting the flag of the country. The grand parade is going to start right at 10 AM and it will begin from the Rashtrapati Bhawan and end at the Red Fort. While doing so, it will pass through the India Gate. Incidentally, the route that the parade is going to cover will be 5 km in length right from the beginning to the end. In case you like to hear the live commentary of the Republic Day celebrations then we like to inform you that you have to switch on the different Doordarshan channels. Also, the different social platforms will stream this event live for the benefit of the Indian citizens.

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