10 Major causes of hair loss!

Hair loss or thinning hair can affect men and women both. Below we have mentioned the top 10 causes of hair loss.

Excessive amounts of vitamin A

It is a fact that hair loss can happen because of a lack of vitamin A. The reverse is also true when we overdo supplements containing vitamin A or medicines. 

 Hereditary loss of hair

Male pattern baldness is the most typical cause of hair loss right now resulting in the formation of a “U-shape” balding patch on the scalp. This condition happens since it is purely genetic in nature.

Illness or stress

Illness or too much stress can also lead to the loss of hair. This process is called telogen effluvium which can affect people of all ages once they grow up. Our body is known to release a hormone known as cortisol that affects our hair follicles resulting in loss of hair. On most occasions, this event takes place about 90 days after suffering from stress. It will be feasible to limit hair loss by reducing stress though the process is somewhat tough. 

Deficiency of protein

Less protein in our everyday diet can likewise lead to hair loss. For this reason, many folks that are dieting for losing weight often suffer from hair loss. It is possible to include more protein in your diet in the form of beans, chicken, eggs, and yogurt.


One of the primary causes of hair loss happens to be pregnancy which is a sort of physical stress. This type of hair loss is more common after the birth of the infant instead of during pregnancy. However, the good thing is that the hair will regrow within a few months after the delivery of the child.

Hormonal changes

Taking birth control pills or even stopping them can lead to unwanted loss of hair. The reason for this is that some changes in the hormones take place while doing so. The hair follicles are going to become weak and one can experience hair loss in the long run.

Too tight hair

It is a fact that applying makeup to the hair for making it more attractive can damage it to a great extent. Moreover, never tie the hair too tightly since it can likewise cause extensive damage. Make use of conditioners and shampoos for taking care of your scalp and stay away from dying the hair too often.

 A thyroid condition

It is a fact that hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can cause hair to fall as well. This consists of thinning of the hair, delicate and soft hair with plenty of hair loss, missing eyebrows, etc.


This happens to be an autoimmune condition in which case our immune system attacks the healthy cells within our system. This can affect our hair in the long run and we can suffer from hair loss due to lupus. 

Loss of weight

According to some research, loss of weight can also lead to hair loss. Loss of weight can make your system more stressed which can result in deficiencies of minerals and essential vitamins. As a result, one suffers from loss of hair in these types of cases.

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