Challenges of living in megacities – Know the details


The residents of the most notable megacities in this world face various challenges right now. Below, we have mentioned some notable challenges of living in megacities that you ought to know.

Education and health

In spite of the enhancement of education provision, the majority of educational institutions are full of students with a deficiency of instructors. There are high school drop-out rates and many young people are not able to continue their education since they are forced to earn cash for supporting their families. It is more prevalent in the slum areas of the megacities as well as squatter settlements.

Sanitation systems and clean water

The majority of the population of the megacities depends on communal taps. There is less access to freshwater during the day which results in dehydration for the residents of these cities in the long run. As a matter of fact, approximately only 60% or so of the families having access to the sewage system of these megacities will result in the pollution of water out there. Moreover, there is just one toilet for every 1000 individuals in the unplanned settlements which create plenty of issues for the residents. Apart from this, the emergence of factories also pollute the local rivers in the cities and there is a lot of untreated sewage entering the rivers every single day.

Crime and unemployment

The primary cause of unemployment in megacities is rapid urbanization. The economic development has been at a sluggish rate that has not created adequate jobs for the locals. One of the common challenges of living in megacities is underemployment where people do not get sufficient wages compared to the amount of work done by the. This is mainly because of poor working standards. 

There is a scarcity of adequate skilled engineers and technicians right now in these megacities and many individuals work in an “informal sector” who don’t get paid properly and who don’t have much job security. All these workers don’t pay any tax to the government on what they earn. 

In some megacities, the crime rates are also quite high. This is apparent in some Latin American cities, in particular, such as Mexico City and Caracas. Approximately one-third of the population or so have been victims of crime in those locations. Corruption is also quite high and many citizens are exposed to criminal offenses such as bribery. Cybercrime and fraud also exist in many megacities at present.

Traffic infrastructure

The rapid development of the population in most megacities places lots of pressure on the traffic infrastructure of the cities. It is a fact that the roads are often full of traffic which makes it quite difficult for vehicles to make the movements. Furthermore, the rail network is not flawless and it struggles to manage the increasing loads of commuters on a daily basis. 

Thus, it must be evident to you by now that living in a megacity is not free from challenges these days. Even though there are many advantages of residing in the cities, the challenges are also quite apparent.

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