Top 10 Christmas songs

It is a fact that Christmas songs are really fun. They can light up a celebration in the best possible way. Here, we have described the top 10 Christmas songs in brief.

White Christmas

Perhaps it is the most well-known Christmas song of all time. The majority of individuals reside in tropical countries and dream of celebrating a white Christmas. This happens to be the song of peace as well as longing for the white Christmas experience.

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

This cheerful Christmas song which is one of the top 10 Christmas songs does not mention the term Christmas in its lyrics. However, in spite of this, it provides us with a holiday feel in the best possible way. It showcases the warmth related to Christmas and the joy it provides us along with our near and dear ones.

Santa Claus is coming to Town

This particular song will be interesting for the kids since it informs the arrival of Santa Claus in town. The melodious catchy and bouncy song will provide you with the true Christmas spirit in every sense. This song reminds us of the arrival of Santa Claus much to our delight and happiness.

The Christmas Song 

This classic song meant for Christmas is really smooth and rhythmic. It will help to capture the spirit of the season flawlessly. This song will provide us with the holiday feel since its lines remind us of the wonderful memories when our near and dear ones come together.

Little Drummer Boy

We also call the song “Carol of the Drums” due to the line “pa rum pum pum pum” that repeats continuously emulating the sound made by a drum. It informs us about a young boy who is playing the drum as a humble gift for the newborn monarch. This song actually reminds us that God is not after our riches but our true gift will be that of purity and love.

Top 10 Christmas songs – Jingle Bell Rock 

This one happens to be a classic Christmas tune along with a rock n’ roll thump. After hearing this song it is difficult for us to resist jiggling merrily in sync with its jolly beat.

Winter Wonderland 

This magical pop song for Christmas depicts fantasy more than anything else. Once we hear this song, we visualize a genuine winter wonderland. We think of playful snowball fights, snowfall, as well as snowmen on the ground while listening to this wonderful Christmas song. There is no doubt that this song will find a place in the list of the top 10 Christmas songs.

Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer 

This song is loved by everybody out there, including adults as well as kids. It is amongst the festive favorites of people who are celebrating Christmas.

Joy to the World 

There is no doubt that this song is one of the most cheerful Christmas songs out there. It depicts the happiness of the arrival of the Savior.

All I Want for Christmas is You 

This song has been sung by the well-known singer Mariah Carey that describes the desire of a woman to spend Christmas with her sweetheart.

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