India’s 1st intranasal Covid vaccine to be launched on 26th Jan

It has been quite a while since we have been affected by the pandemic situation across the globe. Our country has taken various steps to control the spread of the coronavirus and one of them will be the introduction of the first intranasal Covid vaccine on 26 January. The well-known manufacturer of vaccines, Bharat Biotech is responsible for this. Krishna Ella, the managing director and chairman of this company was the person to declare this.

The cost of the vaccine

She also announced that we can expect Lumpi-ProVacInd, an indigenous vaccine intended for an ailment found in cattle, will be introduced in the month of February this year. She declared this in the presence of some students at the India International Science Festival situated in Bhopal. She declared that the date on which this vaccine will come to the market officially will be 26 January this year. Incidentally, India will celebrate its Republic Day on this particular date. Earlier, last year in the month of December, Bharat Biotech announced that Rs 325 will be the cost of the vaccine for every shot that it will sell with the help of government authorities. Moreover, the vaccine will cost Rs 800 for every shot when private centers will be providing it.

Some more information regarding the vaccine

The introduction of the iNCOVACC Covid vaccine will be a precautionary dosage that the Indian government has introduced for the benefit of the public. It will be a sensible idea to store the vaccine at a temperature of approximately 2 to 8 degrees celsius. Moreover, one will not feel any discomfort or pain while the healthcare professional will administer the vaccine. We all expect this vaccine to be extremely effective in the long run that will provide us with the desired results for protection against the coronavirus.

The Indian government has already endorsed the usage of this vaccine for adult individuals whose age is more than 18 years. One can use it in the form of a heterogeneous booster dose. One can consider iNCOVACC to be the initial Intranasal Vaccine on the planet that has received a Heterologous booster as well as a Primary series endorsement.

Proper rules and regulation

Individuals who have already taken the Covishield as well as Covaxin will be able to take this particular vaccine without any problem whatsoever. This is because, as previously mentioned, one can use this vaccine as a successful heterologous booster dose. Many private hospitals in India will provide this vaccine to the general public within a short period of time. Bharat Biotech announced that the price of the vaccine will be affordable for most individuals to make use of as well.

Several companies in India are planning to export this vaccine abroad after it receives endorsement from those respective countries. Most of these companies are based in Hyderabad. Experts developed the iNCOVACC vaccine in collaboration with Washington University located in St Louis. At present, Bharat Biotech is conducting some discussions with global partners according to company sources. As a matter of fact, these companies have already approached Bharat Biotech to produce and distribute the vaccine across the world. 

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