Different types of lipstick & how to use!

Lipstick happens to be a makeup product manufactured from colored pigments for enhancing the appearance of your lips. The majority of the lipsticks are available in small tubes revealing a colored product when we twist those upward. Despite the fact that many lipstick shades imitate the national shades of the lips, makeup artists make use of bright colors for making the lips stand out. Take a look at the different types of lipstick in the following paragraphs.

Sheer lipstick

This will be a fantastic choice in case you have dry lips for some reason. Apart from moisturizing your lips, it is also possible for the sheer to provide plenty of shine and gloss. Even though this particular lipstick will stand out, it is important to be meticulous regarding the color purchased by you.


This particular type of lipstick will be able to imitate lip glosses thanks to their lustrous glow, and they will be able to create a shiny and smooth effect on your lips. These are available in various colors from vibrant and bright shades to neutral tones.


It is a fact that these types of liquid lipsticks are known to create a persistent color stain on your lips. We also call them lip tints that are identical to the consistency of lip gloss. It will be a sensible idea to apply moisturizing lip balm before making use of a lip tint since it is possible for these types of lipstick to make your lips appear dry.

Pearl Lipstick

It is intended to reflect light. This kind of lipstick will be more about light and shine whereas the stain will focus on color. It is a good thing that several types of pearl lipsticks will sparkle as well. You can always put on these lipsticks while attending a formal event or dinner party. Make sure to put on a moisturizer with the pearl lipstick since it might not be that comfortable on your lips in the long run.

Matte Lipsticks

There is no doubt that you would like to go for a matte finish lipstick for getting a modern appearance. However, it is a fact that this particular lipstick is not glossy or shiny whatsoever. A matte lipstick will provide you with an extremely flat appearance in spite of coming in different types of colors. They will provide you with an extremely bold appearance despite the fact that they will not shine.

Frosted Lipstick

This type of lipstick will be your best option in case you like to make your lips shine and sparkle. Apart from shining, frosted lipstick is going to have sparkles at places as well. It will be appropriate for going out at night with your friends, unlike lipstick which you will put on during the day while working. It is a fact that you have to apply these lipsticks quite frequently since these are intended to provide you with shine and sparkle. In case you perform plenty of talking or eating, you have to sacrifice some effect and impact of the frosted appearance.

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