Ultra luxury Ganga vilas cruise

The Ultra luxury Ganga Vilas cruise has already started its journey from Varanasi in UP and it will navigate as many as 27 river systems while guiding through picturesque landscapes before reaching Dibrugarh, Assam. This particular journey spanning 51 days is going to cover approximately 3,200 km in India as well as Bangladesh. However, many individuals are questioning and criticizing the slow travel of cruises in India right now. It is a fact that this particular cruise happens to be somewhat costly for most travelers to afford in the long run. It is going to travel through the historic cities and towns in India having rich heritage plus mesmerizing natural beauty.

Know about the luxury cruise

It is the luxury cruise company known as Antara Luxury River Cruises which will be operating MV Ganga Vilas. It will pass through a couple of major river systems in the Indian subcontinent, namely Ganga and Brahmaputra, as well as the Padma river in Bangladesh. The Director Sales and Marketing of the company mentioned above, Kashif Siddique, asserted that MV Ganga Vilas happens to be a 5-star cruise that has been constructed in such a way that it provides all types of contemporary luxuries to the customers to make their journey a pleasant and comfortable one. 

He further added that it is a type of luxury cruise that is available in entire South Asia providing a fantastic experience of ultra-luxury global standard cruise that India has never witnessed before. This company has constructed the vessel in-house. Everything has been constructed in this country ranging from conceptualization to design and manufacturing. This company can boast of having in-house designers and engineers who have played an important role in constructing the vessel. Incidentally, it was made in the city of Kolkata. The company has kept in mind all the essential things that will provide optimum comfort and luxury to the passengers on board. Siddique ended his statements by asserting that presently a company from Switzerland has hired this vessel for making a 51-day voyage.

MV Ganga Vilas: Ticket price

Here, we have mentioned the ticket price of the Ultra luxury Ganga Vilas cruise. It will be imperative for the passengers to pay a sum of Rs 25,000 to Rs 50,000 on a daily basis if they want to enjoy a trip. The entire expenses for one single person for the whole trip is going to be approximately Rs 20 lakh. Incidentally, this vessel will be able to provide accommodation to as many as 36 passengers.

How to book tickets

It is a fact that a well-known company known as Antara Luxury River Cruises is responsible for providing this luxury cruise. One can reserve tickets from the official website of this particular company. However, at present, the bookings are not open since a company from Switzerland has already booked this vessel. One has to wait till the month of September for any booking in the future.

The route

MV Ganga Vilas is going to cover as many as 50 destinations including river ghats, world heritage sites, and national parks, as well as major cities such as Kolkata in West Bengal, Shahiganj in Jharkhand, Dhaka in Bangladesh, Patna in Bihar, and Guwahati in Assam. The journey will begin from Varanasi and will end at Dibrugarh.

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