Privacy Policy

On this Blog site all the articles we will publish remain our staff and property. if any website owner will directly copies from our website any article then it will be illegal and we will take proper action against that site or company as per the Indian Government Act for the online blog!

Also, on this blog site, we have listed the privacy policy for all the people who visit our website and who are involved with our blog site. It also should be noted that once you visit our website, the automated engine starts collecting some of the data! Whenever you are on our blog site, bots will continue to collect the data. This complete information is normally restricted to ISP information or cookies and other non-personal information.

We always collect personal information after you give us complete consent to collect the data. It also noted that we never collect any financial information from your end. Never share any bank details/ATM card details or anything in the comment box or within any section of this blog site. We never ask for any personal and financial information from our viewers.

All the data we collected can also be used to provide interactive service to our online users. Some of the interactive services do use your cookies from your system. You can restrict the usage of cookies and you can alter also browsing settings as well. We also share promotional material and if you don’t not like you can press the unsubscribe button for this purpose. Our main purpose is to offer the best GK articles without disturbing online readers.